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Profiles International

DBN Business Services is a proud
Strategic Business Partner
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"I used to think it was odd that Babe Ruth, considered by many as the greatest player of all time, was never hired as a baseball manager.  Now that I understand the importance of matching people with the work they do, I can see that the Babe's skills were totally unrelated to those needed to manage a baseball team successfully"

Bud Haney, Co-Founder
Profiles International
from 40 Strategies for Winning in Business

In 1991, the founders of Profiles International recognized a costly void existed in the business world.  Despite their best efforts, employers worldwide were struggling to make effective hiring decisions.  They noticed a lack of available tools to help an employer successfully select, train and retain quality employees on a consistent basis.  They discovered that the best available tools were decades old, based on outdated research, and were developed for clinical use and not acceptable for hiring purposes.


After consulting with occupational psychologists, human resource executives and other professionals, they founded Profiles International as a provider of the tools necessary for employers to gain the information they need to make better human resource decisions.  They searched for, and acquired, the most reliable evaluation instruments that would provide accurate information to their clients.  They then put in place a team to research and develop their own line of occupational assessment instruments.


Profiles International is now one of the fastest growing providers of human resource solutions in the world.  With over 750 offices in more than 100 countries, Profiles products are now translated into 25 languages.  Their product lines include state-of-the-art assessments for pre-hire selection; performance and promotion evaluation, employee engagement measurement, customer service perspectives and 360 degree management feedback.


DBN Business Services joined Profiles International in 2009 as a Strategic Business Partner, offering the full range of Profile’s assessment products.  We have over 10 years experience working with assessments, first as a client of Profiles International, and more recently as a solutions tool for our own clients.  We have experience working with both normative and DISC based assessment tools, and we’re prepared to help you implement these powerful tools into your organization.
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