Cost effective solutions for avoidable business expenses.


"You know, everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects."  Will Rogers

What DBN Clients have to say about us:

"Thanks for all you have done!  It has made a huge difference in the way we think about our labor charge.  You explained it very nicely and didn't use "hard to understand" words.  I look forward to working with you again in the future."

"I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for the information you compiled for my company.  I have been in business for 5 years and no one has ever been so specific and detailed in calculating the cost of my products.  You took into consideration parts of our process no one has ever even mentioned let alone calculated in the cost of production.  You two were a blessing to me."

"We are just blown away how reasonably priced you are!   Wow - VERY, VERY appreciative!!"

"You provided our agency with practical solutions, enabling us to move toward financial sustainability while preserving and strengthening the mission"

We can honestly say, we've never seen a project that we do not like!

Because of our extensive experience, we have tackled assignments as far ranging as child care centers to large volume manufacturers.  We've worked with organizations ranging from not-for-profit agencies, to family owned businesses, all the way to companies with hundreds of employees.  The size of the organization may change, the basics never change.  Every organization has two main areas of concern: processes and people.  And we have the expertise to offer solutions for both.  

We listen to your concerns.  We help you identify your root problems.  Then we provide a path for finding solutions; permanent solutions that can provide your organization with the confidence to grow, and grow profitably.  And we believe that this is part of
what makes us different.

Contact us today to schedule a no cost, no obligation discussion of your organization's needs.  After the meeting, we will provide you with a written proposal, complete with costs, for you to evaluate.
Take a look at these exciting projects completed by DBN Consultants:
  • DBN worked with a local computer sales and service organization to complete a financial analysis of their operation and to prepare proforma financial statements to be included in there strategic business plan.  This project was completed in conjunction with their efforts to obtain financing for an expansion of the operation.
  • DBN completed costing studies for two unrelated businesses.  For a local bakery, we helped them determine the manufacturing costs for their primary products.  For a commercial landscaping company, we helped them determine the actual costs of their workforce including overhead, and determined the appropriate hourly charge for their new bids. 
  • A family of companies hired one of our consultants to manage their businesses.  The businesses were involved in various service industries and were experiencing declining revenues and growing losses.  They were also falling deeper into debt as cash flow needs necessitated continued borrowings.  The businesses were evaluated based upon their profit potential and market conditions.  Eventually, one operation was discontinued and liquidated.  All of the operating procedures of a second company were redesigned.  The new processes allowed for improved throughput and greater income potential.  Resources and some personnel from the closed company were transferred to the redesigned, now profitable company.  After three years, the entire group of companies was profitable, and cash flow had improved to the point where all debt could be retired within 24 months.
  • DBN worked with a Child Care Center to analyze their revenue sources and the direct costs associated with each of these revenue sources.  After completing the analysis, it was determined that the center needed to be resized to better meet the needs of their clientèle.  A plan was developed that will result in a reversal of a mid 5 figure annual operating loss to a low 6 figure annual operating profit.
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