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The US Department of Labor's Principles of Assessments :

  • Use assessment tools in a purposeful manner
  • Use the whole-person approach to assessments
  • Use only assessments that unbiased and fair
  • Use only reliable assessments and procedures
  • Use assessments that are demonstrated to be valid
  • Use assessments appropriate for the target population 
  • Use assessments with understandable & comprehensive documentation
  • Ensure administrative staff is properly trained
  • Ensure testing conditions are suitable for all test takers
  • Provide reasonable accomodation for people with disabilities
  • Maintain assessment instrument security
  • Maintain confidentiality of assessment results
  • Ensure that scores are interpreted properly

 Source: Testing & Assessment: An Employer's Guide to Good Practices

The DBN Business Services Assessment Tools

All Profiles International assessment products are compliant with the US Department of Labor guidelines for testing and assessments (click 'source' above for details).  Each product is tested and retested for both reliability and validity.  With our secure, internet based testing system, all assessment results are secure, confidential, and scored & reported in the most accurate way possible.  With DBN Business Services as your consulting partner, we can work with your staff to develop effective job match patterns, or we can train your human resources department to maintain and operate the system independently.

We have assessment tools available for most every segment of business.  All of our tools are available over a secure internet connection, and do not require proctoring or administration.   The assessment can be taken at your site, or in the comfort of the assessment takers own home (anywhere an internet connection is available).  We can schedule assessments and notify the appropriate personnel, or we can provide you with a system that allows your human resources department to schedule assessments and print reports.  Notifications of completed assessments are instantaneous, and reports can be prepared in minutes once an assessment is complete.

All of our assessment tools are cost-effective solutions to your most difficult people related challenges.  These tools represent an investment in your business that easily produces tangible cost savings many times greater than the investment required.  Pre-hire assessments for a single open position are often less than a single week's salary for the position to be filled.  We can also structure assessment programs that allow you purchase your anticipated usage requirements, while spreading the cost over an extend payment period, even up to a full year.

Below are details about some of our most popular assessment tools.  You can request sample reports here or use our contact page.

Step One Survey II ® is a scientifically designed assessment tool that evaluates job applicants for integrity, substance abuse, reliability and work ethic.  This pre-hire tool helps human resources personnel evaluate a potential employee’s attitudes, before expending money on an extensive interview process and expensive drug testing.  Used for all levels of employees from entry level to the executive suite, the Step One Survey II addresses areas such as theft and fraud, confidentiality, misuse of company property, and absenteeism through both direct admission and inferential questions.  The Step One Survey II also includes a Distortion Factor that measures an applicant’s frankness while answering survey questions (when compared to societal norms).  The resulting report offers interview questions that allow the interviewer to probe areas of concern with the applicant.

The Profile XT ® is the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art system available today for measuring human potential and predicting job performance.  The Profile XT is a multi-purpose assessment that measures the ‘total person’ in three important areas; their Thinking Style (the cognitive ability to do a job); their Behavioral Traits (the personality aspects that effect how they do their job); and their Occupational Interests (will they enjoy the job).


Used as a pre-hire tool, the Profile XT, combined with a well defined job match pattern, can improve the potential of hiring a successful candidate for a defined position by over 500% compared to a simple interview.  The Profile XT can also be used to evaluate existing employees for promotion; to evaluate internal talent for training purposes; or for succession planning. 


Reports provided include Coaching Reports to assist managers with bringing out the best performance from their direct reports; Placement Reports that identify a candidate’s strengths and weakness for a particular job; Individual Reports that allow the subject to better understand themselves and to address areas that could require improvement; and Interview Reports that offer suggested interview questions to help probe potential employee’s in areas of concern to the position to be filled.


The Profile XT provides pattern match percentages for each of the areas measured (Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits and Occupational Interests) as well as an overall pattern match percentage.  The report also includes a Distortion Factor measurement for the normative portions of the assessment.


Profiles Sales Assessment ™, like the Profile XT, is a multi-purpose assessment that measures the ‘total person’, but is formatted specifically for the particular demands of the high performance sales position.  The Profiles Sales Assessment focuses directly on the specific sales behaviors and performance indicators that make your sales people and account managers successful, and is customizable to fit your organization’s unique needs.


Profiles Performance Indicator ™ is a DISC type assessment that evaluates an individual’s personality as it relates to their job performance.  It highlights aspects of their personality that could mesh or could conflict with their managers, co-workers and team members.  The Profiles Performance Indicator is an excellent tool for motivating and coaching employees, and for aiding in the resolution of post-hire personality conflicts and performance issues.  A feature of the Profiles Performance Indicator is the Team Analysis Report that combines the results of individual assessments into a report that helps managers in forming new teams, reducing team conflict, improving team communication, enhancing overall team performance, and helps to improve their own team leadership skills.  A personal report is also available for the participant to be used in their self-improvement efforts.


Profiles Managerial Fit ™ is a special report that utilizes data from the Profile XT to measure critical aspects of compatibility between managers and their direct reports.  The Profiles Managerial Fit assessment uses input from both the subject manager and their direct reports to measure the subject manager’s approach to learning.  The subject manager can then use the information provided to adapt their style in order to best reach each individual direct report: improving communication; increasing engagement, productivity and job satisfaction; and reducing employee turnover.


Workplace Engagement Survey ™ measures the degree to which your employees are engaged in their jobs, satisfied with your company, and satisfied with their manager.  The Workplace Engagement Survey gives your management team a detailed view of what influences your workforce to become more engaged.  The report provides detail by division or department, compares your employees’ results to those of the overall working population, and provides recommendations on what can be done to improve your employees’ engagement.


Customer Service Profile ™ is an assessment that measures the compatibility between an individual and your organization’s unique customer service practices.  Used for both pre-hire and post-hire situations, the Customer Service Profile is a valuable tool in determining whether an individual’s customer service perspective is in line with that of the company.  The assessment is useful in screening applicants, identifying areas of potential improvement within an existing staff, and aids organizations in evaluating the effectiveness of their customer service training efforts and their communication to customer service staff.


In addition to the general version of the assessment, industry specific versions are available for the hospitality, health care, financial services and retail industries; using industry specific language and questions.


Checkpoint 360° ™ is a 360 degree evaluation that combines a manager's self-analysis, with the perspectives of the subject’s direct supervisor, peers, direct reports, and if applicable, their customers.  The Checkpoint 360° combines the results of the multiple feedbacks and creates a personalized program for developing specific leadership skills within the subject manager.  Except for those of the subject manager and their direct supervisor, all survey responses are 100% confidential, allowing evaluators to be completely candid in their responses.  The Checkpoint 360° can be combined with any organization’s annual evaluation processes to create a benchmarking and measurement system for evaluating the subject manager’s growth.


An Organizational Management Analysis is also available, that combines the assessment data for an entire management team, to create an executive view of the organization’s management capabilities; identifying both strengths and weaknesses.  The Profiles SkillBuilder system uses the Checkpoint 360° results to create a personalized improvement plan.  The SkillBuilder system provides online coaching guides and self-study materials designed for building on a manager’s strengths and closing their skill gaps.

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