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About Us

   Bob and Deena Hubler 

"DBN Business Services provided our agency with practical solutions, enabling us to move toward financial sustainability while preserving and strengthening the mission!" 
SB, Evansville, Indiana

 Who is DBN Business Services?

DBN Business Services is a provider of professional consulting services to business and not-for-profit clients.  We utilize a three prong approach to evaluate our client's people, processes and products; and specifically, how they impact your overall organizational performance.  We help our clients to deal with their most pressing management problems: cutting costs, improving bottom line profits, planning for organizational growth, finding the right people for your team, and enabling people to work at their peak potential.  As a Strategic Business Partner for Profiles International, we leverage the experience of the fastest growing employee assessment provider in the world to provide our clients state-of-the-art tools for pre-hire screening, performance prediction and improvement, succession planning, improved customer service focus, and 360o management evaluation.

 Why is DBN Business Services in business?

DBN Business Services has a sincere desire to help people solve problems.  Our objective is to help organizations become:
  • more profitable
  • financially stabile
  • prepared to grow
 How can DBN Business Services help my company?

Some of our areas of consulting are:
  • employee recruitment & retention
  • financial budgeting & planning
  • goal setting & tracking
  • management & leadership evaluation
  • operational performance improvement
  • product & service costing
  • high performance team development
 What makes DBN Business Services better than other consulting groups?

We believe that we are superior to our competition in two areas: our tools and our experience.  First, for our tools, we bring a three prong approach to solving our client's problems; our accounting skills; our analytical processes; and our assessment tools.  

    Accounting Skills: We utilize our accounting experience to evaluate the past performance of an organization from available financial data.  We then project their future performance, trending forward their current operating performance.  We can use this information to identify problem areas, create budgets, and set goals for revenue and spending.  We can also construct metrics and tracking systems to make sure that internal processes are supporting the overall budgets and goals.

    Analytical processes: We accumulate information from your available sources (electronic or paper) to create previously unavailable tracking and measuring reports.  We prepare comparative analyses detailing costs and revenues by organizational divisions such as by location, customer, department, product line or service, sales person, revenue source or program.  We study your documented procedures and conduct interviews with appropriate personnel to uncover the real processes being employed and any potential barriers to improvement.  We explore 'what if' scenarios to evaluate the impact of proposed operational improvements, to identify potential future hazards, or to anticipate changes in economic conditions.

    Assessment Tools: We utilize the best available employee assessments in order to peak behind the curtain; taking a look at the motivations and methods of potential and existing employees.  We help to improve your hiring process by creating the best possible match between the available candidates and the available position.  We also help you to address supervisor-associate relations; improve the customer service focus of your entire staff; weed out potential applicants with unacceptable attitudes toward drug use, theft of company property, personal integrity and work ethic; and accumulate 360o feedback for supervisor growth and training.

The second reason we believe DBN Business Services is superior to our competition is our experience.  Our Senior Consultants have over 25 years of accounting experience; 19 years of senior executive management experience; over 17 years manufacturing management experience and over 15 years experience working with multiple assessment tools and reports.  If fact, we are so confident in our ability to perform for your organization, that we provide you a guarantee.  If at any time during our consultation, you believe that we are not meeting our responsibilities as spelled out in our Consulting Agreement, you can cancel the agreement.

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